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Welcome to the Dark Side

Time has officially moved forward…well, technically just by an hour. The time has arrival to set those clocks forward and spring ahead. Although I DO NOT appreciate losing that extra hour of beauty rest, I’ll just be content on reaping the benefits of longer hours of sunlight and the realization that spring is just around the corner.

Initially, I wasn’t going to step into the realm of

writing another blog on another free blog site. I felt that it was getting a

little too time consuming with finding the right balance between work, school, and the love life.

But every now and then, after boredom kicks in, I like to get my feet wet and try another stab at it.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always loved to write. Whether it’s a few lines of freestyle poetry, a short, unpublished story or randomness of importance that comes to mind, there’s nothing more therapeutic than being able to express myself through words.

This time around, there WILL be no holds barred.

Just as I freely compose my inner thoughts within a 140 word count, I am taking it to a whole other level with this blog.